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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Marinhas Tropicais – PPGCMT

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Selection Process

The notices in force for the selection process are available on the page of the UFC’s Integrated Academic Activity Management System (SIGAA). On the SIGAA page, in the list on the left, choose the option “Selective Processes” > “Selective Processes – StrictoSensu”. On the page Selective Processes – STRICTUS SENSU, search for POST-GRADUATE PROGRAM IN TROPICAL MARINE SCIENCES and select the selective process referring to the announcement and the desired level (master or doctorate) by clicking on the green arrow on the right (“View selective process data”). Mozilla Firefox is required for access.

From 2013 on, the final results of the selection process will be published through SIGAA.

PPGCMT normally has one selection process per year, with 15 vacancies for doctorate and 20 vacancies for master’s degree. The selection notice is enacted in the fourth quarter and the selection usually takes place in mid-December. Exceptionally the collegiate approves selections in special periods. Valid and official notices are always available at SIGAA. The registration of selected candidates follows the academic calendar and normally occurs in February.

The selection process for the doctorate traditionally includes written proof of scientific interpretation, defense of research project and curriculum analysis. The proof of scientific interpretation is based on the interpretation of scientific articles from current international journals (e.g. Nature, Science, PNAS). The presentation of the project is made individually before the selection committee and the candidate has 20 minutes to present his research proposal and 20 minutes to answer questions from the committee. For more details and specific rules of each process, always consult the current selection notice.

The selection process for the Master’s degree traditionally consists of a written test of specific knowledge, English proficiency test, interview and curriculum analysis. The test of specific knowledge is eliminatory and is based on the list of references available in the Bibliography item. The English Language Proficiency Test is prepared and independently corrected by the UFC House of British Culture. For more details and specific rules for each process, always consult the current selection notice.


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